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🌟 Seize your chance to win an internship at PwC Vietnam!

Hack A Day is PwC Hong Kong’s annual flagship event which includes competitions for students to understand more on the cybersecurity ecosystem. This year, Hack A Day is coming back with the theme “Securing AI”, aiming to promote awareness of potential security risks and vulnerabilities associated with artificial intelligence.

As part of Hack A Day 2023, PwC Vietnam proudly hosts the Capture The Flag Competition, taking place on 7 November,  PwC Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. During the competition, students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills as they research, identify, and execute strategic attacks to capture as many flags as possible.

🗓️ Registration deadline: 6 October 2023

✅ Who is eligible: Full-time undergraduate students in Vietnam

📌 To register, please input your team information via this link:

👉🏻 More information:

Join us to level up your cybersecurity game and secure your spot as an intern at PwC Vietnam!

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